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DeVi Tran GmbH - Your partner on the Vietnamese market!

Consulting services for the market in Vietnam and Germany

DeVi Tran GmbH is a trading and consulting company, which focuses especially on the German as well as the Vietnamese market.

We offer comprehensive consulting for your start in Vietnam. You get support from the planning to the implementation of your projects on the Vietnamese market.

Our services for your success on the Vietnamese market

Business development in Vietnam: We support you with our consulting services for your projects in Vietnam. If you want to be successful as a foreign company in Vietnam, you can rely on us as your Vietnamese partner.

‣ Purchasing - supplier search, export processing, etc.

‣ Sales - market and project analysis

‣ Production - location, employee search, training, etc.

‣ Customer acquisition / market expansion

‣ Negotiations - Special benefits such as tax-free years, land, etc.

‣ Social projects - Currently we are working on a project to finance school fees for poor children  in Vietnam - You are welcome to donate to the project

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The economy in Vietnam is on the upswing - grow with our help

With more than 96 million people, the Vietnamese economy is booming and has seen growth of between 6-7% in recent years. With 2.91% GDP growth, Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world that could record positive growth in 2020. Investors are granted tax benefits, there are also low labor costs and a high number of young, eager to learn and hardworking people. The country has become an investment magnet with promising economic prospects as well as stable policies.

The Vietnamese market comprises more than 96 million people with rising incomes. Foreign companies can develop well and make profit in Vietnam, which is located in the center of the ASEAN community of states with 600 million inhabitants. We as a consulting company are happy to advise you on your start in Vietnam.

Of course there are some hurdles for foreign companies to overcome in Vietnam, but with our help you are best prepared for the Vietnamese market! DeVi Tran GmbH takes care of the consulting, the process, the negotiations up to the conclusion of the contract with companies, corporations as well as authorities and governments.

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Devi Tran - Ihr Partner für Vietnam

Free and non-binding initial consultation - The cornerstone for your success in Vietnam.

You can save a lot of time and money for your goals with our support and consulting. Benefit from our country-specific knowledge and network in Vietnam as a consulting company.

DeVi Tran

About us

Wir unterstützen Firmen in Deutschland und Vietnam

Our References

Currently we are not only supporting several German companies from different industries in their expansion and market development in Vietnam, but also large Vietnamese private groups in business development with European companies.

To protect our clients from competitors we do not want to publish references by name on our homepage. If required, we can provide you with a selection of our references that are not in competition with your company.



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Your company gets the full support for the market launch in Germany

Companies will receive the maximum advice and support of DeVi Tran Company to bring top products to the market and invest in business in Germany as well as the EU:

Market consulting

‣ Find partners ( Sale, Marketing etc.)

‣ Information about German-EU companies


Current information about the economy in Vietnam and Germany in our blog

Vietnam is on the up - grow with it

DeVi Tran GmbH

Business & Technology Development Consulting

Germany / EU - Vietnam / ASEAN


Dang Toan Tran

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